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10 Best Smart Gadgets For Your Home

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We wrote an article titled “Make your house smart in 5 easy steps” about a year ago. As you know, a year is a lifetime when it comes to technology. This is our highly anticipated follow up to that article. Our Top Ten picks for upping the IQ on your home.

1. iStaging

Just bought a new house? Not sure what kind of furniture to buy? iStaging is here to help. The app creates an augmented reality experience where you can see how furniture will look in your current space in real time. Professional interior designers also teamed up with the app to help give consumers decorating inspiration.

2. Bioo Lite

Charging your phone with an outlet is so 2015. With Bioo, you can charge your phone or tablet from plant energy created by photosynthesis. The special planter harnesses the energy all day, so that you can charge your phone whenever you need to.

3. Furbo

Dog owners, your lives are about to get a whole lot easier. Furbo is a dog camera unlike any other. It allows you to see what your dog is doing (even in the dark), alerts you if your dog is barking (so you can calm them down through the device’s two way audio system), and will even feed them treats when you press the treat button.

4. Tovala 

With school, work, kids, and everything else going on in your life it can be hard to find time to make a healthy meal. All that can change with Tovala. Tovala is a smart oven that comes with a companion meal service. The meals are delivered to your home, and each one contains a bar code. The smart oven will scan the barcode and know exactly what temperature and cooking time to set to perfect your delicious meal.

5. Droppler

As we all know, California is in a terrible drought. Droppler makes you aware of your water consumption and aims to help change your water habits. Through the Droppler app you can set your daily water budget. The Droppler device then shows your budget water allowance going down in real time as you use water. At the end of the day, you can tell if you went over or under budget, then hopefully you will start becoming more aware of the ways in which you can waste less water.

6. CoeLux

Want more natural light without the hassle of installing new windows or skylights? Check out CoeLux. The system creates a type of optical illusion, based on nano technology, to artificially reproduce natural light and the appearance of the sky and sun.

7. Ring Video Doorbell

Keep your home safe with Ring’s video doorbell. The smart technology doorbell allows you to see and speak to visitors at your home from anywhere all through the Ring app on your smartphone. The doorbell’s HD camera also comes equipped with night vision and motion detection features.

8. Fluxo

Introducing one of the world’s first truly smart lamps. Fluxo allows you to move the lamps light in any direction through sensors on their smart phone app. You can even select different colors to really customize your lighting experience.

9. August Smart Lock

The days of having to make multiple copies of keys are over. August Smart Lock allows you to control your lock from wherever you are through their app on your smartphone. You can also create virtual keys for guests, so they can come and go with ease, and keep track of when others come and go.

10. Click and Grow

The Click and Grow smart planter allows anyone, even those without a green thumb, to quickly and easily grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. Plug in the planter, feed it water from time to time, and let the NASA inspired technology go to work. You can go from seeds to full plants in as little as 21 days.

Love a smart gadget that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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