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3 Property Developments that Will Change the Face of Sunset Boulevard

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The following is a list of the most impressive developments that promise to change the face of Sunset Boulevard. With brand new inclusions such as eco-friendly residential towers and electric car charging options, these innovations promise to take the city by storm. These are:

3 Property Developments that Will Change the Face of Sunset Boulevard Icon altIcon at Sunset Bronson Studios

Designed by Hudson Pacific Properties in conjunction with Gensler and McCarthy Building Cos, the Icon is expected to be complete by the end of 2016. Located on 5800W Sunset Blvd, this building is supposed to be enhanced with eco-friendly features including electric charging stations for cars and a station for bicycles. The construction of Icon is part of a $150 million expansion project of Sunset Bronson Studios area.

One of the top features of this construction is that the five offset rectangular blocks allow for multiple outdoor terraces. Along with that, the project also promises ceiling-to-floor glass windows to increase the incidence of natural lighting. There’ll also be a full-service production facility, which has resulted in this property being one of the most coveted constructions in Hollywood.


3 Property Developments that Will Change the Face of Sunset Boulevard columbia square altColumbia Square:

Located on Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street, the Columbia Square project is arguably one of the most versatile projects that the area has seen. Designed by Kilroy, Rios Clementi Hale Studios, House and Robertson and GBD Architects, this project has a construction price of $240 million.

The six story office space is likely to be home to many names in the industry including MTV, Comedy Central, BET and Spike TV all of which fall under the Viacom head. The office space is going to be complemented by the 200 apartment units that are spread along 20 floors of a residential tower. With five levels of parking space underground, this building is likely to be a coveted coup. The project, that is expected to be completed early on this year, promises to be the new cultural hub in Hollywood.

3 Property Developments that Will Change the Face of Sunset Boulevard 8150 alt8150 Sunset Blvd

Designed by Townscape Partners and Gehry Partners, the project rivals Columbia Square when it comes to versatility. The development will take place in the area where the famous Joni Mitchell strip mall stands, and it promises to bring with it a host of different attributes. These include a residential space, along with an area for retail goods, and an entertainment section as well.

The residential area is supposed to be divided into two wings- with the East having an 11 story residential building and the west comprising of a 15 story residential space. Overall, the project is going to have 249 units and this is, arguably, one of the biggest constructions in this year. With a 3 story retail space and an additional public area, the 8150 Sunset Boulevard project is likely to be one of the most popular spaces in Hollywood in 2016. An area that speaks of entertainment history, and made popular by the Big Yellow Taxi song, the designers are aiming to combine novelty with tradition in order to make this a thriving cultural joint.

The projects that we have taken a look at are among some of the best known on Sunset Blvd. With top facilities and a great location, these are a few of the best projects that this year will see.

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