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About PLG ESTATES Brokerage

Beverly Hills Real Estate Brokerage  BoutiquePLG ESTATES, the ultimate solution to all your real estate needs

When you want to work with a business that is known for its innovative and professional style, PLG ESTATES is the place. Our motto is “Be Of Service,” and we are committed to doing just that for you.

We are a boutique real estate agency, catering to the creative and sophisticated clientele of the Los Angeles area. We’ve assisted some of the biggest names in Hollywood when it comes to finding quality properties that meet their needs. We are a team of seasoned professionals and are part of L.A.’s finest real estate professionals.

We are committed to providing both extraordinary service and exceptional results. We navigate our clients through every step from concept to completion. We make your work easy by helping you through the process of conceptualizing, creating and off-loading your real estate project. We are creative and have passion in the service we offer.

Our style is both ambitious and edgy, but we still maintain the highest level of integrity and attentiveness, which is necessary for getting the job done.

The fact that the Apex Estate Group is part of PLG ESTATES demonstrates the quality of service that we render. Apex Estate Group is focused on Los Angeles area residential and commercial real estate.


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