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The Apex Advantage

With over 400 professionals in prime neighborhood locations, Apex Estate Group and Nest Seekers provide more than just a full-service brokerage on both commercial and financial levels to sellers. We serve as an investment consultant, educator and partner to the end-user. >>Read More

Property Preperations

Apex Estate Group knows what it takes to sell residential real estate. We make it our business to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently. For best results, we encourage you to learn from our expertise and take our advice to get your home ready to sell as fast as possible at the right price. >>Read More

Bidding & Negotiation

Our agents accept all potential offers in writing. We prequalify every potential buyer and, depending on building requirements, we may request a financial statement along with their offer. We have a fiduciary responsibility to you as the seller, making our goal to negotiate the best possible price without losing the buyer. >> Read More

Listing to Closing
    1. Comparative Market Analysis
      Pricing Property
      Marketing Plan >> Read More
Buyer's FAQ

What advantages are there to purchasing a home?

Buying a home is one of the best ways to build equity. When you’re a homeowner, you’re taking control of your living situation, and you’ll be making positive strides for your community and family. >> Read More

The Apex Advantage

With over 400 professionals in prime neighborhood locations, Apex Estate Group provides more than just a full-service brokerage on both commercial and financial levels to buyers. We serve as an investment consultant, educator and partner to the end-user. >> Read More


Buyer Checklist
Evaluate your budget – Know what you want to spend for a down payment as well as monthly expenditures (i.e.; maintenance or common charges, real estate taxes, monthly mortgage payment, utilities, parking, etc
Obtain mortgage pre-approvalPrioritize your needs – Space, light, views, building amenities, etc.
 >>Read More


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Bel Air

If a secluded area where there is ample peace and quiet is what you are looking for, look no further than Bel Air Estates. Bel Air homes are hidden behind dense vegetation and  >> Read More

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is an iconic city that attracts millions of tourists from around the world yearly. It is one of the most glamorous places in the world to shop, dine and live.  >> Read More


Brentwood is an affluent town in Los Angeles with many young professionals. The city sits between Santa Monica and Westwood >> Read More

Hancock Park

Hancock Park is located within Central Los Angeles. Just like Bel Air estate, Hancock Park is also in an affluent and exclusive neighborhood. It is located north of Wilshire Boulevard and south of Melrose Avenue. >> Read More


Hollywood is about entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. It is world renown for its sophistication and historical significance as the centre of American entertainment. >> Read More

Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills is part of the “Platinum Triangle” of Los Angeles, together with other two estates: Bel Air estate and Beverly Hills. >> Read More

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the third richest city and the fifth most powerful city in the world. With a population of four million in an area of just under 500 square miles, it’s the best place for those who want to socialize. >> Read More

Los Feliz

Just like the Bel Air Homes, Los Feliz Homes also stand as one of the most affluent homes in Los Angeles. It is located in the north of East Hollywood and to the south of Santa Monica Mountains. >>Read More


Malibu Homes stretch some 27 miles down the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway. It is one of the world’s most affluent beachfront cities. >> Read More

Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey is the place to be if you love boating. The area is as well known for its affluence and beautiful seaside views.  The community is on the Venice beach border and is a prime location for >> Read More

Pacific Palisades

The Pacific Palisades area is known as the place “where the mountains meet the sea.” There are a number of business parks and offices in the area, since Pacific Palisades is home to a number of celebrities and Hollywood professionals. >> Read More

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a busy, sprawling city located near the beach. If you’re planning to move to the area with your family, the city’s school system is one of the best in the country. >> Read More

Silver lake

The Silver Lake community is home to some of the most famous modern buildings and architectural styles in North America. The homes in the area are some of the oldest in the city  >>Read More

Venice Beach

Venice is a famed bohemian beachfront community known for its lively boardwalk, artistry, and canals.  >> Read More

West Hollywood & Sunset Strip

West Hollywood is the unofficial capital of diversity in Southern California. The area is known for its innovative approaches in both design and entertainment. >>Read More