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Insight for Los Angeles Real Estate Sellers

The Apex Advantage

With over 400 professionals in prime neighborhood locations, Apex Estate Group and Nest Seekers provide more than just a full-service brokerage on both commercial and financial levels to sellers. We serve as an investment consultant, educator and partner to the end-user.>>Read More

Property Preperations

Apex Estate Group knows what it takes to sell residential real estate. We make it our business to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently. For best results, we encourage you to learn from our expertise and take our advice to get your home ready to sell as fast as possible at the right price.>>Read More

Bidding & Negotiation

Our agents accept all potential offers in writing. We prequalify every potential buyer and, depending on building requirements, we may request a financial statement along with their offer. We have a fiduciary responsibility to you as the seller, making our goal to negotiate the best possible price without losing the buyer.  >> Read More

Listing to Closing
    1. Comparative Market Analysis
      Pricing Property
      Marketing Plan >> Read More