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The First 365 Whole Foods Supermarket Opens Soon In Silverlake

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The three year Silverlake Whole Foods project is set to come to reality on May 25th when the chain’s first 365 supermarket opens. In 2013 many consumers were unhappy with the closing of the Silver Lake Ralph’s and it’s Whole Foods backed replacement. Many believed this was a push by larger corporations who wanted to get rid of smaller, inexpensive competitors. However, the new outlet is aimed at being affordable to entice Silverlake’s large millennial generation.

365 will be a simplified version of Whole Foods. The Silverlake store is 28,000 square feet, half the size of a typical Whole Foods, and will not include butchers or cheesemongers. The chain will instead focus on those looking to make quick, inexpensive purchases.

Features of the 365 supermarket are:

  • A coffee & beer bar serving craft brews, different types of coffee and fresh food.
  • Online grocery shopping and delivery options
  • A quick serving tea station
  • A special vegan restaurant

There’s also a 365 program that will help vendors in nearby areas by allowing them to sell their products inside the store. This will benefit a number of local small businesses who often face the wrath of bigger supermarket chains. This particular business model seems to be a win-win situation for everyone – the consumers, local small businesses and the supermarket, itself.

Nationwide expansion of the 365 brand will continue with store openings in Oregon and Washington later this year.

365 by Whole Foods in Silver Lake

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