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How Smart Homes Will Change Your Life in Los Angeles


Everything is getting smart nowadays; we have smart cars, smart watches, smartphones and now smart homes!

CEO and founder of the smart-home technology company SmartThings Alex Hawkinson said, “In many ways, all of the technology for this to happen is already there; it’s more about making consumers aware of those possibilities. In the past year alone, more people are getting interested in having a smart home as the prices go down and word-of-mouth spreads.

Almost everything in your house can become “smart.” You can be woken up by the sound of your alarm, and as you wake up, the hidden sensors in your room will automatically and gradually turn on the lights. The thermostat will automatically warm the rooms you are about to use, including the kitchen, the bathroom and later, the car.

Smart Homes in Los Angeles

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As you go about preparing for the day, coffee will start to brew. Before you leave your house, your kitchen will remind you of what supplies have gone down, so you can pick them on your way back in the evening. Finally, by just pressing a button via an app, your car will be self-driven out of the garage.

Security measures will follow. The house doors will lock automatically. All appliances will switch to energy saving mode. Unused lights will go off.  You will also be able to monitor if your kids have gotten up for school on time or if your elderly parents have forgotten to turn the stove off.

Smart Homes in Los Angeles

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In the evening your house will sense that you are coming back once you are within a certain radius. The garage door will open as you pull up, the thermostat will warm the living room, and as you walk inside your house your favorite music will begin to play!

Smart Homes in Los Angeles are possible

But companies are just beginning to collaborate to make these possibilities a reality. For example, it would be useful for your

While , companies are just beginning to collaborate to make these possibilities a reality. For example, it would be useful for your Keurig coffee maker to be able to communicate with your LG television, so your coffee can brew as you turn on the news in the morning.

Although the smart home can offer consumers certain eases, many people still have concerns when it comes to the issue of privacy. “The biggest hurdle to the continued growth of smart home and the Internet of Things is lack of consumer trust. Smart home technology provides many benefits, but consumers must feel that they have some control over the personal data collected through these connected devices, said Truste, a data privacy management company, CEO Chris Babel.

smart tech

Here are a few products I found online that can really up the IQ of your home and make your property a Smart House (click below)

Echo by Amazon | Luna “the future of sleep” | Lockitron to unlock your doors without keys | Wally a home sensing solution | Canary home security but smarter

Would privacy issues stop you from purchasing one of the smart homes in Los Angeles? Let me know in the comments below.
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